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Title: Absolution
Fandom: Supernatural
Rating: PG
Word Count: 2056
Warnings: mild angst, gratuitous references to the pilot ^_^
Pairing/Characters: Sam Winchester, Castiel, Dean Winchester
Spoilers: All of Season 4 especially the second half including 4.22
Disclaimer: Sadly, I still don't own Supernatural, or any of its characters. If I did the show wouldn't be half as interesting because I would never be able to be as evil as Kripke.
Author's Note: I felt like writing Sam and Castiel coming to understand each other a bit more and this is what came out. Betaed awesomely by [ profile] just_ruth to whom many thanks and cyber cookies go.
Summary: Post 4.22. Sam asks Castiel to help him rid the demon blood from his body, but it doesn't go quite as he had hoped.

Sam can feel the demon inside him )

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I wrote Apocalypse!crack... Possibly the most bizarre thing I have ever written (apart from that thing with the leprechauns which is only in one notebook and will probably never be inflicted upon the internet). Written for the [ profile] spn_boc challenge. My chosen Blue Öyster Cult Song was 'The Horsemen Arrive' and for some reason the fic became... this.

Title: The Horsemen Arrive
Author: Mariana O'Connor
Characters: Dean, Sam, Death, Famine, War and Pestilence. Also featuring some souls of the damned.
Rating: PG
Time frame: post-series? I imagine
Pairing: none, gen
Disclaimer: I don't own the Winchesters, the Impala, the Horsemen of the Apocalypse or Blue Oyster Cult. I just <3 them a whole lot.
Summary: It's the End of the World... winchester style... sort of.

Notes: I know that Reapers aren't actually Death, but I took a few liberties.

The world is ending and you’re concerned with the background music? )
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Title: Killing Rights
Author: Mariana O'Connor
Characters: Dean, Sam
Rating: PG
Pairing: none, gen
Disclaimer: I do not own the Winchester brothers or anything to do with Supernatural.
Summary: In which they argue about laundry and Dean's ballet career.
Notes: Dialogue only, not something I usually do. Not completely cracktastic, just a little bit.

Talking of demons )
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Title: Surviving
Author: Mariana O'Connor
Characters: Sam, Dean
Rating: R
Spoilers: None
Warnings: character death
Pairing: Sam/OFC (but not major)
Disclaimer: The Winchesters are not my property, never have been, and I have never come near to owning them, pity really... but maybe... no I can't tell you that: then I'd have to kill you.
Summary: He drove away again, the music loud, but his thoughts were louder, yelling at him and berating him for his actions. He ignored them and switched tapes, hoping the metal would drive the ghosts away as the previous tape had been unable to.
Author's Note: I wanted to get out of writing G rated fics so I started to write and this is what came out.

His face felt as though it were set in stone )

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First, my sincerest apologies to everyone who has reviewed my stuff and I have not replied to/thanked them. I've been up to my ears in revision lately and, while fic writing is a lovely form of procrastination, it's pretty much an upload and run thing. Luckily my last exam is tomorrow and I am fully intending to go back and thank everyone... sorry.

Title: Life's Little Questions
Author: Mariana O'Connor
Characters: Sam, Dean, John
Rating: G - you know I'm really feeling the need to break out of my G rut and write some hard R sometime soon, but until then, here's another one
Time frame/Spoilers: preseries (probably pre-flashback in Something Wicked) No spoilers, except the show itself. (No spoilers for X-men either...)
Pairing: none, gen
Disclaimer: I wish owned them, I really do... but sadly I am distinctly lacking in that area. I do have plans though... hidden under the loose floorboard in my room. One day they will be mine
Summary: Dean asks his brother a question, from which bickering ensues.
Notes: Thanks to [ profile] estel_willow for putting up with questions about X-men even when she did not understand why, and for enduring my nagging about a million and one supernatural fics recently. Also, I tried to make the fraternal bickering as realistic as I could, but I'm still iffy about it. *shrug* (Another little note -YAY! It's not angst!)

Which X-man would you be? )
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Title: Too Late
Author: Mariana O'Connor
Characters:Sam, John
Rating: G
Spoilers: none really... general premise of the show.
Pairing: none, gen
Disclaimer:Still don't own them.
Summary: Sam cannot understand why people follow his father.
AN: Remixed here: Misinherited (Every Father's Son Remix) wonderfully by the awesome [ profile] slob_child for remixredux VI. Go read it... seriously.

John Winchester was the kind of man people respected... )
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These three are sort of linked, in that they were all written at the same time as mini character studies of the Winchesters and all have the same sort of depressing feel about them, which I blame entirely on the fact that I am in the middle of exams and was revising literature of the First World War. That was a fun weekend!

Title: Crash and Burn
Author: Mariana O'Connor
Character: Sam
Rating: G
Disclaimer: Don't own 'em, won't do until my plans for world domination come into fruition.
Summary: Sam has to keep moving.
Note: this one probably fits the beginning of the series more than the end, but all really necessary is that it's set after the pilot.

Crash and Burn - Sam )

Title: Unbreakable
Author: Mariana O'Connor
Character: Dean
Rating: G
Disclaimer:as above
Summary: Dean is always fixing things.

Unbreakable – Dean )

Title: Hopeless
Author: Mariana O'Connor
Character: John
Rating: G
Disclaimer:as above
Summary: The quest is endless

Hopeless – John )


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