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Title: Perfect Partners
Author: Mariana O'Connor
Character: Dean
Rating: PG
Time frame: post-series, no spoilers.
Pairing: none, gen
Disclaimer: If I've told you once, I've told you a hundred times - I do not own them... not even an atom of them.
Summary: Still hunting, Dean is on a endless quest.
Notes: Demon's dead - doesn't matter how or who really... it just is. My idea of what happens afterwards

One after another after another... )
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Title: 13
Character: um... the Colt
Rating: G
Spoilers: Dead Man's Blood, Salvation and Devil's Trap
Pairing: none, gen
Disclaimer:I do not own the Colt.. or Supernatural, or the Winchesters, or Daniel Elkins
Summary: A life that is not a life, measured out in shots.

13 )
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Title: Surviving
Author: Mariana O'Connor
Characters: Sam, Dean
Rating: R
Spoilers: None
Warnings: character death
Pairing: Sam/OFC (but not major)
Disclaimer: The Winchesters are not my property, never have been, and I have never come near to owning them, pity really... but maybe... no I can't tell you that: then I'd have to kill you.
Summary: He drove away again, the music loud, but his thoughts were louder, yelling at him and berating him for his actions. He ignored them and switched tapes, hoping the metal would drive the ghosts away as the previous tape had been unable to.
Author's Note: I wanted to get out of writing G rated fics so I started to write and this is what came out.

His face felt as though it were set in stone )

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Title: Hovering
Author: Mariana O'Connor
Character: John
Rating: G
Spoilers: All of Season 1 - but mostly Devil's Trap and a mention of Dead Man's Blood
Pairing: John/Mary
Disclaimer: I do not own John, Mary, Dean or Sam Winchester - although I do have a picture of them, but that's not really them, unless it comes to life. But no - not mine, never were, never will be.
Summary: After the events of Devil's Trap John Winchester has a conversation which helps him make a decision... I would make this more interesting - but, y'know spoilers an' all.

It was dark. )


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