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Title: The Valley of the Angels
Fandom: Merlin
Rating: PG-13
Pairing(s): Gwaine/Leon friendship and pre-slash hints. Hints of one-sided Agravaine/Morgana
Warnings: Sort of horror. Agravaine is creepy, Evil!Morgana
Word Count: ~23k
Disclaimer: I own nothing, apart from
Author's Note: Written for [ profile] merlinreversebb. Many thanks go to my beta and to the artist whose work inspired this [ profile] calamity_kitten, to whom I can only apologise for not managing to get any actual Leon/Gwaine in. I tried, I really did, but they rebelled. To see the work that inspired this please go and take a look at This art post and leave a comment!

Summary: Set between series 3 and 4. Leon is having trouble adjusting to Gwaine's rather loud presence in Camelot, and all of Camelot is having trouble adjusting to the aftermath of Morgana's betrayal. Arthur, uncertain of himself in his new role, sends Leon and Gwaine to ask his uncle Agravaine for aid. Along the way they find a rather strange adventure.


Part 1 )

Link to part 2

Link to part 3

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Title: For Posterity
Fandom: Sherlock (BBC)
Rating: PG-13
Characters: Gen - John Watson & Sherlock Holmes
Disclaimer: While Sherlock Holmes is Public Domain, the BBC interpretation of these characters is Moffat and Gatiss's brain child.
Author's Note: Based on the BBC blogs linked to the series... I got bored again and wrote scrappy fic. There is no plot, it is just a scene that came into my head.

The difference between a personal blog and an biography is a very grey area )
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Title: On a Tuesday
Fandom: Supernatural
Rating: PG-13
Pairing/Characters: Chuck, spoiler character )
Word count: 810
Disclaimer: I really don't own Supernatural, at all. Not even a little bit.
Warnings: This fic is never going to get betaed, it's never going to see the light of day anywhere other than here. It is made up of grammatically incorrect, long, rambling sentences and bizarre asides. Oh yeah SPOILERS FOR SUPERNATURAL 5x22
AN: A few things in the S5 finale have raised eyebrows, one of those things being the whole... Chuck thing. This is an attempt to get rid of a few plot holes, maybe. It is self indulgent and weird.

Tuesday, if you think about it, is really a nothing sort of day )

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Title: It's Important to Accessorise
Fandom: Gundam Wing
Rating: PG-13 (because Duo has a dirty mind)
Pairing/Characters: 2+4 friendship, Rashid. Gen
Word count: ~1000
Disclaimer: I don't own Gundam Wing, or Batman, or The Incredibles or anything associated with any of those things. I'm also not getting any profit from this
Warnings: unbeta-d, AU - ridiculously so.
AN: Written for gw500 prompt 298 - belt. I wanted to write something introspective and characterful, probably about Duo, but then Quatre wanted to be Bruce Wayne. No... really, he did. This was written in about an hour so it's a little sloppy.

It’s a highly advanced and perfectly engineered piece of equipment )

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Title: No Words
Fandom: Supernatural
Rating: PG-13 (for language?)
Word Count: 1152
Warnings: Swearing, slash
Pairing/Characters: Dean Winchester , Castiel, Dean/Castiel
Spoilers: All of Season 4, for good measure
Disclaimer: I don't own Supernatural and I'm not getting any money from this.
Author's Note: Written for the Dean/Castiel kink meme. Prompt: Castiel describes heaven to Dean.
Summary: Dean and Castiel are trapped in a barn and surrounded by demons with no way out. Dean asks Castiel what heaven is like.

No doubt some obese chick with wings is singing hallelujah harmonies in some celestial choir while the human race breathes its last. )

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Merlin fic again... what a surprise. Although, I waited until after midnight so I didn't post three on the same day. Is that weird? Probably.

Title: Rebellion
Fandom: Merlin
Rating: PG-13
Pairing/Characters: Merlin/Arthur (duh)
Warnings: A little angsty...
Spoilers: 1x01
Disclaimer: I own nothing, I get no money. This is purely for entertainment purposes...
Author’s Note:Sort of Arthur-finds-out!fic, sort of first time!fic, weird combination of the two.
Many thanks go to [ profile] wrennette for betaing again. I really should make a cybermedal or something.
Summary: The first time was never for the reasons Arthur told himself it was.

It was about his father )

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Title: The Walls Have Ears
Fandom: Merlin
Rating: PG-13
Pairing/Characters: Merlin/Arthur, Merlin, Arthur, Camelot, mentions of Morgana and Gaius.
Disclaimer: If I owned Merlin… there wouldn’t be a lot of difference actually, except there’d be a second, late night edition, which would have all the parts we know are in there.
Warnings: A little crack-y… Implications.
Spoilers: Up to Le Morte D’Arthur
Author’s Note: Thanks again [ profile] wrennette for the beta work. I wanted this to be more cracky, I really did, but then it became a little too angsty.
I really want to write more crack. I want a crack meme… but, being a complete wuss, I don’t want to start one when I don’t know whether people would join in…
Summary: The walls have ears… and mouths. Merlin starts learning things, some of which he really wishes he could unlearn.

The Walls Have Ears )

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Title: Five times Arthur Pendragon woke up with no memory of the night before... and one night he remembers
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: None really, 1x01 and that’s pretty much it
Author’s Note: Written for the [ profile] merlin_the_elf fic exchange for [ profile] andthedescent Now the reveal has happened, I’m reposting them. The prompts were:
1. Body heat.
2. Arthur gets himself into trouble. Merlin has to save him.
3. Battle. Metaphorical, mental or literal.
This was sort of my attempt to include them all in one mega fic… I’ll leave it to you to judge how well I did.
Oh, and the slight formatting problem should be dealt with now. *facepalm*
Summary: It is not unusual for the Crown Prince of Camelot to wake up with no memory of the night before, sometimes this is a good thing, but mostly it's not.

The morning after the night before what? )

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Title: Here Lies Everything
Fandom: Merlin
Rating: PG-13 for creepiness
Pairing/Characters: Morgana, Arthur, a little Gwen
Disclaimer: If I owned Merlin, then the Gwen/Arthur would not even be starting to emerge. It would only be a cover story. I don’t, it isn’t.
Warnings: Extreme creepiness, bleak, angst.
Spoilers: The Gates of Avalon sort of.
Author’s Note: Thanks to [ profile] wrennette for the beta. The title is from Dr Horrible’s Sing-a-long blog if you haven’t watched it do. The whole thing just makes me think of Morgana.
Summary: Morgana dreams of a world of gold and blood red, and she walks the field of the slain.

Here Lies Everything )



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