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I decided to consolidate all my fic into one easily manageable post. Click on the titles to get to the fic.

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Two crossovers that I wrote on [ profile] comment_fic. I really quite like that Dark Angel crossover. Again, I didn't record the prompters' names, sorry. And also unbeta-d.

Title: Blind Faith
Fandoms: Supernatural/Dark Angel
Rating: PG
Word Count: 675
Warnings: Ben... do I need to say anything else?
Pairing/Characters: Castiel and Ben (X5-493)
Spoilers: Season 4 of Supernatural, Pollo Loco in Dark Angel.
Disclaimer: I don't own Supernatural or Dark Angel, I just thought the prompt was cool.
Author's Note: Don't ask me to explain how these two universes have collided here... they just have. Maybe Ben walked through a portal or something. *shrug*
Summary: Castiel is in search of Faith he stumbles across someone who looks startlingly familiar.

Why are you here? )

Title: Witch-hunting
Fandoms: Supernatural/Charmed
Rating: G
Word Count: 776
Warnings: It's been a while since I wrote Charmed fic?
Pairing/Characters: Dean Winchester and Chris
Spoilers: Stanford era- Spn, so pretty much just 1x01. Season 6 of Charmed.
Disclaimer: I still don't own Supernatural or Charmed... no money is being made through this.
Author's Note: Ah, Charmed... an old fandom of mine. Very old. I stopped writing before Chris even existed.
Summary: John and Dean are Witch-hunting in San Francisco, while John's out Dean gets a drink in a local club.

Damn witches! )

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Title: Ball-In-Hand (aka. When Pool Balls Go Bad)
Author: Mariana O'Connor
Characters: Alec, Sketchey and a pool ball
Rating: G
Disclaimer: I don't own Dark Angel... or any of the characters therein. Although I do have a secret plot involving Alec, some heavy duty tranquiliser and my understairs cupboard.
Summary: Sometimes it's a good idea to quit when you're ahead, as Alec finds out.
Author's Note: [ profile] jam_pony_fic CONTEST ENTRY - Sketchey beats Alec at pool. Just a slight warning for crack and general weirdness. Also, everything I know about pool I learnt from Wikipedia, so please forgive any errors.

Most of the time being a pool ball is not the most exciting job in the world )

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001.Beginnings. 002.Middles. 003.Ends. 004.Insides. 005.Outsides.
006.Hours. 007.Days. 008.Weeks. 009.Months. 010.Years.
011.Red. 012.Orange. 013.Yellow. 014.Green. 015.Blue.
016.Purple. 017.Brown. 018.Black. 019.White. 020.Colourless.
021.Friends. 022.Enemies. 023.Lovers. 024.Family. 025.Strangers.
026.Teammates. 027.Parents. 028.Children. 029.Birth. 030.Death.
031.Sunrise. 032.Sunset. 033.Too Much. 034.Not Enough. 035.Sixth Sense.
036.Smell. 037.Sound. 038.Touch. 039.Taste. 040.Sight.
041.Shapes. 042.Triangle. 043.Square. 044.Circle. 045.Moon.
046.Star. 047.Heart. 048.Diamond. 049.Club. 050.Spade.
051.Water. 052.Fire. 053.Earth. 054.Air. 055.Spirit.
056.Breakfast. 057.Lunch. 058.Dinner. 059.Food. 060.Drink.
061.Winter. 062.Spring. 063.Summer. 064.Fall. 065.Passing.
066.Rain. 067.Snow. 068.Lightening. 069.Thunder. 070.Storm.
071.Broken. 072.Fixed. 073.Light. 074.Dark. 075.Shade.
076.Who? 077.What? 078.Where? 079.When? 080.Why?
081.How? 082.If. 083.And. 084.He. 085.She.
086.Choices. 087.Life. 088.School. 089.Work. 090.Home.
091.Birthday. 092.Christmas. 093.Thanksgiving. 094.Independence. 095.New Year.
096.Writer‘s Choice. 097.Writer‘s Choice. 098.Writer‘s Choice. 099.Writer‘s Choice. 100.Writer‘s Choice.

heh... fun fun fun


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