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I decided to consolidate all my fic into one easily manageable post. Click on the titles to get to the fic.

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Two crossovers that I wrote on [ profile] comment_fic. I really quite like that Dark Angel crossover. Again, I didn't record the prompters' names, sorry. And also unbeta-d.

Title: Blind Faith
Fandoms: Supernatural/Dark Angel
Rating: PG
Word Count: 675
Warnings: Ben... do I need to say anything else?
Pairing/Characters: Castiel and Ben (X5-493)
Spoilers: Season 4 of Supernatural, Pollo Loco in Dark Angel.
Disclaimer: I don't own Supernatural or Dark Angel, I just thought the prompt was cool.
Author's Note: Don't ask me to explain how these two universes have collided here... they just have. Maybe Ben walked through a portal or something. *shrug*
Summary: Castiel is in search of Faith he stumbles across someone who looks startlingly familiar.

Why are you here? )

Title: Witch-hunting
Fandoms: Supernatural/Charmed
Rating: G
Word Count: 776
Warnings: It's been a while since I wrote Charmed fic?
Pairing/Characters: Dean Winchester and Chris
Spoilers: Stanford era- Spn, so pretty much just 1x01. Season 6 of Charmed.
Disclaimer: I still don't own Supernatural or Charmed... no money is being made through this.
Author's Note: Ah, Charmed... an old fandom of mine. Very old. I stopped writing before Chris even existed.
Summary: John and Dean are Witch-hunting in San Francisco, while John's out Dean gets a drink in a local club.

Damn witches! )



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